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You awoke one morning feeling ill. Your body hurts all over, your head is throbbing, and your throat is scratchy. It feels like an impossible task to get out of bed. Previously, this required you to drag yourself personally to the medical facility and wait in a terrible, uncomfortable chair with other sick people. But that’s no longer the case! Clinics on Cloud is right there to stay, offering healthcare to you wherever you are and whenever you need it. You don’t even need to get out of bed to have a virtual appointment with a doctor with a few touches on your smartphone. Discover the exciting emerging field of telemedicine and how it’s transforming how we receive medical treatment in this article.

Overview of Clinics On Cloud


Clinical On Cloud is transforming healthcare delivery with its box clinics and portable health kiosks. No more making hasty trips to the doctor’s office or waiting for appointments. Our cutting-edge approach delivers first-rate care straight to your door.

Primary and Preventive Care Within Reach

Important services including health examinations, screenings, tests for diagnosis, and managing chronic illnesses are offered by our extensive collection of Telemedicine kiosks. You can now get basic treatment and monitoring in your place of work or community. There’s no need to risk a delayed diagnosis of a health problem or travel far for basic care.

The Future Is Now

Leading the way in the transition to tech-enabled, decentralized healthcare is Clinical On Cloud. Doctors and nurses are available to you in your local area for evaluation, therapy, and health coaching through our Virtual Care Solutions and Portable Clinics. Your care can be coordinated throughout our network thanks to digital records. Clinical On Cloud helps more individuals stay well while controlling their diseases by delivering care closer to them. It has been demonstrated that our decentralized, data-driven care paradigm improves health outcomes and lowers hospital visits. Our goal is your well-being, and we’re doing it creatively with our mobile clinics and health kiosks. Clinical On Cloud is at the forefront of the healthcare revolution that is about to happen.

Clinical On Cloud Solutions

Telemedicine Kiosk

Practical and Affordable

Clinics On Cloud’s convenience is something you’ll appreciate. When you’re sick, stop dragging yourself to the doctor’s office! These cutting-edge medical kiosks and compact box clinics offer top-notch medical treatment in your local communities. Stop over for a brief visit on your errands or on your way from work. You only have to pay for the amount of time you use with this cost-effective pay-as-you-go strategy.

Hi-Tech as well as High Touch

Clinics On Cloud offers an in-person experience in addition to connecting you with doctors from anywhere via high-tech tools like telemedicine and Al. You will have the opportunity to meet with knowledgeable healthcare aides and nurses for screenings, testing, and hands-on care. Aside from that, they may verify your vitals. You receive the ease of on-demand healthcare mixed with a personal touch.

Box Clinic

Health Surveillance and More Functions

Clinics On Cloud provide much more than just flu and cold treatments. To assist you in managing chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, they provide continuous health monitoring services. To make sure that your heart rate, glucose levels, and other numbers remain within a healthy range, you can have routine checks performed. Additionally, it offers wellness and lifestyle services including dietary guidance. You may easily access high-quality healthcare with Clinics On Cloud. Visit for an annual checkup, to check on a health concern, or to receive guidance on living your best life either on the way to work or over your lunch break. The healthcare of the future is now available, reasonably priced, and tailored to your individual needs. Never has the path to wellness been so simple!

Pros of Using Clinics On Cloud

Simple Access and Adaptability

Cloud clinics provide medical care on your schedule. Video consultations can be arranged during a time that works with your hectic schedule, such as when your children have gone to bed or during your lunch break. No more running through a packed waiting area to get a seat! With the Health Kiosks and Box Clinic, you can consult your doctor virtually any location.


Although receiving high-quality treatment at a reduced cost can be costly, Clinics on Cloud strives to offer affordable healthcare. The cost of video visits is generally the same as that of in-person ones, if not less.

Better Results for Patients

Research indicates that patients tend to do better when they can easily get in touch with their doctors. Managing chronic diseases, scheduling follow-up visits, and posing health queries are all made easier with Clinics On Cloud. Better patient-doctor interactions, compliance with therapy, and ultimately improved health are all correlated with the capacity to interact face-to-face from any location. Technology is continuously changing the healthcare industry, so Clinics on Cloud have been paving the way for a new approach to accessible, on-demand care. Today, take charge of your health.

India’s Leading Suppliers of Health Kiosks

Clinics on Cloud, one of the biggest suppliers of Telemedicine kiosks in India, is setting the standard for universally accessible and reasonably priced healthcare. Clinics on Cloud offers top-notch healthcare anytime, wherever with more than 2000 Healthcare Kiosks installed in India and five other countries.

Unmatched Experience

Clinics on Cloud offers unmatched experience in creating and implementing Health Kiosks, having years of experience in this field. Our Medical Health Kiosks are expertly crafted by professionals to deliver precise vital sign assessments and health examinations. Digital Health Kiosk combines cutting-edge software and sensors to provide you with a comprehensive health picture in a matter of minutes.

Superior Quality at a Reasonable Cost

Clinics on Cloud want to make healthcare accessible to everyone, even in situations when other businesses charge excessive rates for simple Telemedicine kiosks. Hospital-grade analytics and measurements are offered by our Telemedicine kiosks at just a portion of the price of those of rival companies. Now, those who require it most can get access to high-quality healthcare.

Innovative Technology

Clinics on Cloud are always coming up with new ideas to make their Health Kiosks better. They provide you with advanced health insights by utilizing the most recent developments in sensors, software, and connection. Health Kiosks provide medical-grade precision in measuring a wide range of vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, and many more. Given their unparalleled expertise, superior quality, and state-of-the-art technology, it is not surprising that Clinics on Cloud became known as India’s leading provider of health kiosks. The way people maintain their health is changing because of our goal of easily available, data-driven healthcare. Clinics on Cloud is the only solution you need if you’re searching for an inexpensive way to keep an eye on your health from anywhere. The healthcare of today will be provided by Clinics On Cloud Health Kiosks.

India’s Leading Health Kiosks Manufacturer

Selecting the ideal Health Kiosks manufacturer is crucial if you want to give your patients the finest possible care as a healthcare professional. You can expect no other than the best possible when it involves the success of your clinic. For this reason, you must think about a manufacturer certified by CDSCO, ISO 13485 is the standard for the management of quality, and ISO 27001 for management of information security.

Accredited for Security and Quality

You may be assured that you’re obtaining high-quality kiosks that protect patient data when they have certifications like these. These high requirements are only met by a small number of Indian Health Kiosk Manufacturers, and one of them is Clinics On Cloud. So, you can be sure that you’re collaborating with a partner who is dedicated to quality. Your patients will have an incredible user experience with our Health Kiosks, which will also optimize clinic workflows.

Tailored to Meet Your Demands

The best manufacturers of Health Kiosks and Box clinics offer customized health kiosks made to fit the requirements of your clinic. We can create the ideal solution whether you require Health Kiosks for telemedicine consultations or patient check-in. To ensure that your Health Kiosks are the ideal fit, they will walk you through the possibilities of hardware, software, and features.

Excellent Service and Support

Selecting a top Health Kiosk manufacturer also ensures that your clinic will receive excellent service and support. When you need it, Clinic On Cloud offers technical help, training, and installation. We have quick reaction times and work hard to get your Health Kiosks fully up and running if there are any issues. With reliable assistance like Clinics On Cloud, one can concentrate on what matters—providing your patients with the best care possible. The choice of Health Kiosk Manufacturer is crucial in enhancing both the entire patient experience and the efficiency of the clinic. By collaborating with a qualified, specialized, and customer-focused Health Kiosk manufacturer, you may offer medical care at any time and any place. Your patients will undoubtedly value your clinic’s dedication to quality and innovation.


And that’s it! You can take control of your health and fitness in the comfort of your home with Clinics On Cloud. Thanks to Telemedicine Kiosk, healthcare is now accessible anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days of waiting rooms, long commutes, and taking time off work. The future exists right now. So, accept it! Register, schedule an appointment, and get yourself ready for a revitalized and renewed sense of energy. This cutting-edge method gives you control over your health, places you in the driver’s seat, and supports you in leading the greatest possible life. With Clinics On Cloud, the possibilities are virtually limitless. When it concerns your health, it’s time to aim high!

Different tests available within Health ATM

  • Body Temperature
  • Height
  •  BP (Blood Pressure)
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Visceral Fat
  • Body Water
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Fat Free Weight
  • Vision Test
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Weight
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Body Fat
  • Physique
  • Protein
  • BMR
  • Metabolic Age
  • Health Score
  • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation)

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