Why use Clinics on Cloud Health Kiosk? . 

Accessibility to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare is still a big problem, particularly for those living in distant and rural areas without enough medical infrastructure. In this context, health innovations like Clinics on Cloud networks of Health Kiosks and Box Clinic play a transformational role in enhancing preventive healthcare delivery, especially in rural areas. The role of Clinics on Cloud Health Kiosks becomes very important where the population density is very high. Health Kiosks also play a crucial role in reducing disease load by 70-75% because of the accuracy and specificity of the health record generated by the Clinic on Clouds. Clinic on Clouds Health Kiosk and Box Clinic become very special and revolutionary steps towards the preventive healthcare ecosystem in the world. 

Need Of Clinics on Cloud, Health Kiosk:  

There is a need for Clinics on Cloud, Health Kiosk, and Box Clinics because of the following reasons. Millions of people, particularly those living in rural regions, lack access to excellent care due to the limited healthcare infrastructure and resources so Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk can fulfill this requirement efficiently. The prevalence of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension is rising quickly, yet the absence of preventative care is making the population’s health worse and driving up medical expenses. So, we also solve this problem with the help of Clinics on Cloud Health Kiosk very efficiently. Our machine can also give strength to the primary health center. Because there aren’t any local basic screening facilities, early detection opportunities are lost. Treatment expenses rise with a delayed diagnosis. We can solve this problem with the help of Clinics on Cloud Health Kiosks by providing accurate results. So, with the help of Clinics on Cloud, Health Kiosk, and Box Clinic we can fill the gap and give technology-driven preventive healthcare service.   

Feature of Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk: 

Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk provides 60+ health parameters which is the unique feature. As Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk screens for more than 60 parameters, including blood, urine, and imaging-based rapid tests neatly at one stop, with no appointment to a Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk saves time. Physicians and users can better manage healthcare by analyzing risks holistically with the use of comprehensive reports that include all values. 

Quick Reports: 

 At Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosk test results can be accessed digitally right away without waiting a long time. Rapid diagnosis facilitates more rapid clinical decision-making is possible with the help of Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk and Box Clinic. Health Kiosk provides instant reports that can be shared on WhatsApp, SMS, Patient App, and Emails along with the Instant thermal printout for the quick availability of reports in any emergency. 

Tele medicine: 

 Clinics on Clouds provides Video conferences between Doctors and Patients for further assistance this is another unique feature of the Health Kiosk. Clinics on Clouds also provide a Doctor Dashboard with the help of which doctors can view patient medical history, and vitals and can share digital prescriptions instantly. The Health Kiosk also provides Real-time auscultation audio so doctors can easily access it.     

Cloud Storage: 

Earlier there was a huge chance of error in the healthcare ecosystem because of the use of pen and paper on a large scale but with the introduction of Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosk uses cloud storage to store patient health data which helps to replace the traditional pen–paper method, reduce human error, optimize manpower and provide instant access to health data of the patient.    

Data Privacy:  

Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosk follows a robust data privacy policy to keep the digital health record of the patient safe and secure. Only those patients can access the reports who are enrolled with a Unique Clinical ID. So, there is no chance of mismatching the patient health data.  

Health Parameters:  
Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosk provides 60 + Health Parameters which are follows: General Health Checkup (19), Urine Rapid Test (10), Cardiac (7), Ear Test (2), Eye Test (2), Anemia, Pulmonary Function Test (4), Infectious Disease Rapid Test (9), Auscultation Stethoscope(2), Diabetes(2), Mental Health, Maternal Health Care, Dermatology.    

Strengthening the Rural Health Infrastructure:  

For many decades rural healthcare infrastructure was an issue of concern for government and government organization because of the unavailability of the basic healthcare infrastructure at grass root level but the application of Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk gives strength to the rural preventive healthcare infrastructure by providing accurate results of the tests with minimum period at reliable cost. Now the people of the rural area becoming health conscious and that is also another reason why Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosks become an integral part of preventive health care systems all over the world.   

Public Awareness: 

With the advent of technology in the health care system people becoming more and more aware of the fact that the use of a technology-driven health care system is the need of the hour for the coming decades so concerning the public awareness of the use of, Health Kiosk at the grass root level is very much important. The use of the Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk makes us aware of infections, diseases, or any such health-related problems so that we can prepare ourselves to tackle the situation. So, in that regard Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosk plays a pivotal role. The Health Kiosk is becoming more and more important in the governmental setup where the workload is more, where you need accurate results in very little time and complete the 60+ tests and generate the report in each period. Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosks can match the speed and maintain the accuracy of the report and maintain the rhythm of the work without causing any technical disturbances so because of these reasons Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosks become very essential at the grassroots level.     


In conclusion, the benefits of accessibility, affordability, and customized healthcare make Clinics on Clouds Health Kiosk a preferred health solution. Depending upon the disease load in the future the role of On Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosk is very beneficial from every aspect so we can use Clinics on Clouds, Health Kiosk efficiently for preventive healthcare

Different tests available within Health ATM

  • Body Temperature
  • Height
  •  BP (Blood Pressure)
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Visceral Fat
  • Body Water
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Fat Free Weight
  • Vision Test
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Weight
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Body Fat
  • Physique
  • Protein
  • BMR
  • Metabolic Age
  • Health Score
  • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation)

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