Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya felicitated the Health ATM at UttarPradesh, Farrukhabad. The health ATM conducts more than 23 checkups in less than 10 minutes. The health kiosk carries out preventive health checkups and shares instant health reports based on which the patients can seek treatments immediately   . 

Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh confirmed that the kiosk empowers patients with real time reports, gives them access to preventive health solutions even in the remotest of areas and allows patients to focus on managing their health with access to best-in-class medical facilities. Health ATM is designed to spread reach of primary health care in rural and distant places where provision of continuous electricity and internet is an issue. Our Clinics on Cloud Health ATM is hence designed to work without power & network for more than 72 hours. Clinics on Cloud Health ATM is Modern, Robust, Easy to Use, Simple to Access, gives Accurate Reports and is COMEPLETELY AUTOMATED HEALTHCARE MACHINE.

Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya felicitated the Health ATM

Like a Bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Health kiosk has a robust touch screen with hardware built in to easily manage health-related information on cloud. This enables consumers and clients to easily access their personal health information from and for clients to assess health information to plan health initiatives from anywhere in the world.

Clinics on Cloud is a one stop health solution of integrated healthcare devices equipped to diagnose all chronic diseases and provide primary care and diagnostics Anytime and Anywhere. With diagnosis on the health ATM, the local doctors or visiting doctors during camp & surveys can now provide quick and accurate medical consultation to the citizens basis Clinics on Cloud Real Time Health Report. These reports are received by the patients through Print out in offline mode as well as on email, WhatsApp and SMS.

The Clinics on Cloud is a leader in Health ATM manufacturing with more than 1000 machines installed all over the country. The machine can be easily transported and installed and the training and after sales team is available 24*7 to resolve all concerns and provide support at all locations.

Clinics on Cloud Health ATM is successfully installed at Farrukhabad, Mathura, Noida, Unnao, Ghazipur and more than 50 districts in UttarPradesh state itself. 

The State government and district commissioners have planned to install Health ATM at every district hospital of Uttar Pradesh as well as at the block headquarters.”

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